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Utah Energy Ideas

We need clean energy, clean air, clean water, clean land and energy independence.
We also need to encourage energy efficiency and technologies such as ground source heat pumps.
We may not agree with each other re: CO2 cap/trade, taxes, or our effects on climate.

We do need more renewable energy.

Coal is reportedly being removed fast enough in Utah that it could last only 15 to 45 years for use in Utah at current rates.
Many existing coal source locations could shut down soon, and we have increased risk of other mining collapses if they don't.
We will need more electricity to offset a reduction in the use of foreign oil, and we can't afford to just rely on coal.

How much oil and gas is untapped in Utah and can we get it without hurting our state treasures?

Do we have existing dams that we could add hydro power to, without putting more land underwater?

It has been pointed out that renewable energy will help the state's economy in places that coal, or gas won't.
Renewable energy being added to the mix will increase the life of the Utah coal economy.
Having goals to rely on renewable energy and energy savings to make up the increased demand on power is good.    Utah Energy Ideas Facebook Group